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Dinner with a Famous Person

Posted May 28 2013 12:00am

If you could have dinner with any famous person, who would you choose - and why?

I've met a handful of famous people, and the thing that has always bothered me is how fake they are, as a rule. Not everyone famous is, I know - and I'm certain it must get very tiring to have people gush over you all the time. It's not a real relationship - but it also has meant that, for the most part - I don't have star struck fantasties. I've met famous people, and I remember them - and they don't have any memory of meeting me. Meeting me didn't make a difference to them.And meeting those famous people didn't leave me feeling like I've had a SPECIAL connection, or that there was any change to my life.

I'm clearly not the fan gushing type.

I've met one famous person, though, who DID remember me the next year - Chris Mann talked to me at Blissdom two years ago about my daughter and her opera singing - and he remembered me this year, and we had a great conversation in which he gave me some really good advice for her.

I'd choose Nia Vardalos - after reading her book, I really feel like she's a Real person, as opposed to a celebrity. She feels like someone that I could have coffee with and a conversation, and she'd actually be interested in what I have to say.

I'd also, believe it or not, like to have time to talk, really talk, with Stephen King. Yes, he's crazy. But underneath it all, I think he's a normal person, who has some really amazing imagination - and I'd think that a conversation with him would leave me with lots to think about, and a fresh perspective on life.

Who would you choose, and why?

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