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Ding Dong the Witch is Dead...

Posted Dec 03 2008 12:16am
Okay, I don't know any witches. But it' Pseudo-Halloween here. Yep, kidlings of all shapes and sizes are costumed up and knocking on my door tonight. Honestly, next weekend would make it feel more real, but what can I do. I'm not the Halloween Queen. I just hand out candy while The Husband takes the kids for the cold (and windy) walk. And I get interrupted every 5 seconds by a pound on the door or a door bell ring.

But here's the thing, since when:

- do children ring the doorbell 5 times in a row
- or ring with a 5- Mississippi second pause between the two. Do I not walk from my couch to the door fast enough?
- request a different kind of candy from my cauldron then what I givingly hand out?
- ask for different candy than what I have?
- or have 5 bags of candy and claim it is for sisters/brothers that are no where to be seen behind them?
- or ring my bell 20 minutes BEFORE (or AFTER) trick or treat time?

Really. I don't consider myself old fashioned--but never in my thirty- ish year life would I do any of the above. I mean, it's trick or treating. You have a bag full of candy that you never eat all of anyway. What does my measly candy make a difference if you don't like it? AND, damn, I never realized I was that slow on the candy brigade. Maybe next year I'll have to stop cheating on the candy eating a week ahead of time.
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