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Ding, Dong, The Dryer Died

Posted Oct 05 2009 10:03pm

Two days ago, I tossed a load of clean wash into the dryer, started it, and walked away. I returned an hour later and opened the door.

The clothing was still wet, and I noticed that something looked off. Odd. I put my hands in and noticed that a kitchen towel had gotten snagged on something. Inquisitive, I pulled, and saw that the towel was completely wrapped around a piece of metal that was jutting from the back of the dryer. Said piece of metal came from a black hexagon - love how I'm so technical there, huh? - and said metal piece most emphatically had NOT been there at the beginning of the cycle. I thought about it for a tenth of a second, folded it down flat, tossed the trouble right OUT of my mind and restarted the dryer.

I returned 30 minutes later, to the same scenario. Clothes still wet, a different object wrapped around the re-jutting piece of metal - this time, it was boxing hand wraps. Cursing and swearing, I pulled at the completely tangled wraps - and the black plastic hexagon broke off halfway. I shoved it back the way it had been, REFOLDED the metal piece - and noticed something I'd missed before.

There was a pair of scissors in the dryer.

I hadn't started this particular load of wash. Dirty clothes had been in the washer, I'd added a few kitchen towels and the detergent and started it. So I hadn't checked the pockets of any pants, but somehow a pair of scissors had made their way into the dryer. And somehow the dryer had stopped working, and the dumb black piece was hanging half off from the back of the dryer, with the metal part again sticking straight out and twisted. Again I closed the dryer - but this time, it wouldn't start. I called my husband in a panic and complained bitterly that SOME KID had left scissors in the washer - and was completely blown away to hear, "Oh, no. I think that was me. Yup, I'm almost positive - I was using scissors and stuck them in my pocket."

Well, at least he was honest, right? Would have been easier to just blame the kids. I'm not telling you what I would have done.

I continued to wash clothes all afternoon -there comes a day when you know that the next three days mean a large need for clean muay thai uniforms, soccer uniforms, shin guards, cross country clothes - not to mention that it had been three days for some towels. Also, hello - when you have 8 people in a house, there's no such thing as a day off from laundry. My husband assured me that he'd have the dryer fixed when he got home, and so I kept washing. I did six loads - and he came home and took the dryer apart.

The black hexagon piece is called pad sensor, and it was toast. As was the belt, which had shredded, the tensioner and something else. He thinks that the scissors grabbed one of the sensors on the pad, pulled it out and caused the belt - which is connected in some magical mystical way - to shred into pieces. He couldn't fix it, which resulted in a late night, romantic trip for two to the only laundromat open at 10:30 p.m. to use the super jumbo commercial dryers, where we watched an MMA fight and drank sodas while I folded. And he wasn't certain he could fix it, but he sent me to the repair place today with a long list of supplies -

And after much swearing, cursing, doubting and angst, as well as one memorable moment when he was stuck behind the dryer and I had to help him climb out - he thinks it's fixed.

But I'm not using it until I can stand right over it, just to be sure.

Oh, and just to make it even more special - the ice maker AND the big tv are on the fritz as well.  You know you want my glamorous life.

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