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Difficulties in breast feeding

Posted Sep 30 2008 11:12am


Breast feeding is proven to be best for your baby but what if you are really finding it difficult?Breast feeding is convenient, no bottles to sterilise, formula milk to carry around and the search for somewhere to heat it up and then of course having to let it cool down when the kind waitress has made it hotter than a flaming zambuka!   Breastfeeding burns calories and fat, your baby will get your anti-bodies and the best start in life but what about you……? 

Some mums do find breast feeding easy and have no problems, for others it is more difficult. Bleeding and cracked nipples can leave you in agony. Soaking wet breast pads can have you feeling embarrassed and leave you feel like a walking, talking feeding machine? 

There are some things you can do to help and if you can persevere it does actually get easier! 

  • Cabbage leaves placed in the fridge and then placed inside your bra will have your breast feeling cool and give you some instant relief. The down side is you will smell like cabbage soup as they heat up nicely and start to wilt inside your nursing bra.

  • Buy some nipple cream, this will help if your nipples are cracking and bleeding.

  • Try to get your baby to latch on in different positions, and count to ten as they do it. The initial pain as they latch on doesn’t last long but will be imprinted in your memory forever, After a few weeks it does get easier as your nipples get firmer.

  • Fresh air really is a great healer, try to have a lie down with your breasts exposed to the fresh air and don’t forget to lie on a towel to catch any spillages.

  • Speak to other mums who have breast fed, they can probably offer you lots of support and get you through the rough patch.

Breast feeding can really get you down and leave you reaching for the bottle but if you are in any doubt it does get easier. One day you may look back on the time spent breastfeeding your baby with fondness.

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