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Did all that really just happen?

Posted Nov 22 2011 7:04am

I was so ready to go to bed when I was browsing through the CVS flyer last night and saw a camera I’ve had my eye on for Sophie for Christmas. It was on sale and after doing some quick online research realized it was the best price out there. I decided to go get it. So I got in Randy’s car and as I backed out I heard a crunch noise. I had no clue what I had run over so I got out to look and didn’t see anything at first. I drove a bit further down the driveway and heard a dragging noise. I parked and got back out to look under the car and that’s when I saw the handlebars of the Barbie bike peeking out from the under the bumper. This makes the second time it’s been run over.  I pulled but couldn’t get it to come out from under the car. I didn’t want to pull a piece of the car off so I kept gently working with the bike but still couldn’t get it to come out. Going in and telling Randy I had run over the bike and needed his help to get it out from under the car is not what I wanted to do. But it’s what I had to do because I wanted to get that camera before they closed. Well, actually at this point I was thinking a new bike is what Sophie would be getting for Christmas. Randy worked at it for a while and was having trouble getting it out as well. The training wheel had lodged between that exhaust pipe thingy and something else. He finally got it out and we were both shocked that the bike was in perfect shape! Not a single dent from what we could tell. We even pushed it and it rolled fine. Yay! Sophie wouldn’t have to get a bike for Christmas because Mom ran over hers.

I had a few minutes to make it to CVS before they closed and right as I was about to pull into the parking lot I saw blue lights out of nowhere come on behind me. Surely they weren’t intended for me. Ah, but they were. I didn’t recall speeding. I had to chuckle at the thought of what could have been. A Barbie bike hanging out from my muffler. Because the thought did occur to me that I could just drag that thing behind me if I couldn’t get it to pry loose. That would’ve been a nice addition to the citation at hand:unlawfully towing of a trike. But this wasn’t the reason for the stop. I had a headlight out. I hand over my license and he asks for my registration. I have the deer in one headlights look because I don’t know what he’s talking about. He describes to me what I’m supposed to have and I call Randy. Randy says, “Cry”  I’m too mad to cry so that doesn’t work. I just had to take the citation for an expired registration and lack of inspection. This is new to use because we didn’t have to have cars inspected where we lived before. We’ve been here for almost three years though and we’re just now figuring this out. Hmmm. Not good. So I got the $215 fine but it will be waived when I just go to court and show them my updated registration and inspection proof. So that’s good. I sat in the car for like twenty minutes while the police officer wrote me up. Finally I got out of my car to see if there was a problem and so we’re both standing outside under the street light. I wished I hadn’t done that because now all the people in the parking lot have a full view of me. Even the CVS employee peering out the window. I’m serious. I saw him looking out the window at me and the officer. When our nice little law enforcement conversation was over I really didn’t know if I wanted to go in the store because I was so embarrassed but I decided I had to. So I got the door and then realized they had closed.

So I drove home, got out of the car and threw Sophie’s bike across the yard. Not really, but I felt like it.

Randy says, “So you drove over Sophie’s car, came home with fines and never got to the store you wanted to go to.”  And yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

The good news is it just has to be a better day today and I’m pretty sure it will be. Smile

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