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Diaper Solution for Active Toddlers!

Posted Jan 08 2009 2:55pm

Well, I’m sure you have these same moments like I do…

I REALLY HATE WEARING DIAPERS ON ISABEL!!!!! She likes to run around, even with bare bottoms! I have to chase her around the house. It was still okay when I stayed in the old small apartment, but after we moved to this bigger house, I have been chasing her like a mad dog!

Further to that, since she is toilet trained, she never wants to pee in her diapers. So, I often have to take off her diaper, re-attach after she uses the toilet. I just find it too difficult to put back her diaper without laying her down. Diaper is still essential for outing even though she is toilet trained –> there was once she had an accident, wet her pant when we went to FRIM. That’s because we couldn’t find her a toilet quick enough. :(

The best solution is of course to use diaper pants. Nothing beats MamyPoko Pants in terms of comfort and leak-proof. But it is really pricey. The normal diapers already cost so much, not to say the diaper pants! Because it is just too expensive to be used daily, I did not use it although it is what I prefer.

Last month I received an email from MamyPoko Club (I am a member), introducing their new MamyPoko Pants Value. I logged in to MamyPoko Club and requested for free samples.

This ‘Value’ version is supposed to be cheaper version of the diaper pants. The MamyPoko Pants Value is priced similar to the open type, RM0.68/pc.

The free sample arrive on Monday… as expected it looks… err… cheap. There is of course less fanciful stuff like the Winnie The Pooh printing, but all the basic requirements of a diaper pant are there.

mamypokopants value

This is how it looks, compared to the original MamyPoko Pants. The smaller one (size M) on the left is the new (Value) version, and the right is Ian’s left over XL sized MamyPoko Pant.

Front ViewRear View

The material looks a bit thin, especially around the waistline, can see through (quite ‘sexy’ ahahaha!). At first I was rather worried if it would tear easily or leak. But apparently Isabel feels even more comfortable in it à less warm, more ventilated!!

See Through

Look how fitting the diaper is on Isabel in the photo below! The material around the waist line is thin, so it is not hot for her.

Fitting Rear ViewFitting Side View

To use is very easy, just slip it in like wearing a pant. So she can wear it without having to lie down. Also, no more chasing around the house!!

diaper wear 1diaper wear 2

But watch out the part with blue lines should be in front (my maid keeps forgetting):

Front View (with blue lines)
Front View (with blue lines)

Rear View (without blue lines)
Rear View (no lines)

And to take off the diaper is very easy too. To avoid any poo-poo staining the thighs, we can simply tear off the side lines like below:

take off diaper 1take off diaper 2

BTW, if you want to get one whole pack of free sample of MamyPoko Pants Value, and get to be an opinion leader, you can join their Fami Buzz campaign at their MamyPoko Club. Yup, I got 1 whole pack of 22 pieces, not just 1 or 2 pcs of free sample! ;) This is a new service given by the company. You will be given rare opportunities to try out new products and share with your friends. You get a full pack of product and sample pack that you can also share with your friends and invite them to ‘Buzz’ about the product with you! (That’s the way the term ‘buzz’ came from)

Fami Buzz Logo

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