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Diaper Rash City

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:10pm

Poor Miss Pea. She's going through diaper rash hell. It started last week, she was running a fever Thursday evening and it continued through Friday. Thankfully we had a doctor appointment for her 9 month check. When I undressed her in the office her little butt was blistery. Major ouch! Our doctor thought she had a virus and it would run it's course. The diaper rash had cleared up with a couple of days use of Desitin.

Tonight, it came back with a vengence. Her poor little bottom! Not a darn thing will help it. We decided to just put her in a pajama top tonight and get up every hour to change her diaper. Not my idea of fun, but hopefully it will help her. I'm just at a loss of what to do. We haven't had diaper rash before, and I don't think that Johnny had issues with that either...but it was eight years ago...I could be mistaken!

Do you know of something that really works? A tried and true solution? I'm wondering if it could be a food allergy? We switched to Pampers wipes, but have used them on and off. We may be making another trip to the doctor!

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