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Despite the fact that I have rec ...

Posted May 07 2009 9:23pm
Despite the fact that I have recently gotten in touch with my crafty side and am an aspiring scrapbooker, I still do not maintain a baby book for Charlotte. Secondly, despite the fact that nobody but me cares about her growth and development (well, maybe Mr. P does too) I will detail for you our trip to the pediatrician yesterday.

I won't even talk about the fact that I had to wait over an hour in the germy, disgutsting waiting room for a well-baby visit. Not going to talk about that at all. It's a good thing that's not the norm or I'd be quickly researching a different office.

Anyway - and shockingly - my daughter was in good spirits and played contentedly whist we waited. She's a healthy, somewhat happy (ha) one year old and she weighs 22 lbs and is 31" tall, which puts her in the 60th percentile for weight and the 95th(!) percentile for height. Tall ladybug, no?

She also got a vaccination and we'll go back in 2 weeks for the other vaccination - I'm one of "those" moms who spreads her daughter's vaccinations out so her little body isn't getting all the crap at once. I'm also one of "those" moms who is going broke with co-payments every time we set foot in that office. Eh. What are you gonna do, right? Moving on.

I'm PSYCHED today for several reasons:
1. Today is like a Friday at work - I have tomorrow off.
2. It's a "jeans" day so I wore my Lilly jeans with embroidered mint julep cups. I also wore a cable knit sweater and pink driving mocs so I've solidly re-established my preppy cred with one outfit. Not bad.
3. I have a date with the lovely K tonight
4. HELLO! PAYDAY! Oh regular payday, how I've missed you.

What I am not psyched about:
1. Let's not talk about how much Easter candy I've eaten today.
2. I have to drive all over the f-ing state tomorrow to pay parking tickets so I can re-register my car without incident.

Why do I do this to myself every time? Why don't I just pay the g.d. tickets when I get them? A larger question - why don't I just park LEGALLY?

I don't know.

Despite the scenic ticket-paying trip, I'm also fitting in a workout, getting a manicure, and doing my grocery shopping for Easter-cooking done tomorrow and you bet your ass the baby is going to day care. My mother hosts Easter, but I'm making three quiches (ham & asparagus, crab & green onion, spinach & feta) and I'm totally biting E's style and making a chocolate bread pudding.

Other than that, nothing new here. I'm pointedly ignoring the several inches of snow on the ground and that's about it.

What are YOU guys psyched about today?
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