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Dental Appointment #4

Posted Mar 15 2009 4:28pm
Violet laying very still before being examined and looks like she's pretending to be asleep! Oh and no it isn't a crop top...just her big belly showing out from under her t-shirt!

Today Violet had her dental review. As usual she screamed the whole time they wanted to look in her mouth which in some ways is good as they get a great look at her teeth while she is crying, just harder for me I guess.

She still has no cavities which is fantastic!

As last dental review her left hand side teeth are still much higher up than they should be, but they will continue to monitor that.

They would like to x-ray, but feel she will most likely be uncooperative at the moment and hope that they will be able to do this when she is a little bit older.

I have to laugh those sunnies dentists give kids, Violet hates them and will not wear them at all, even though she has her own pair of sunnies!

She will be reviewed again in 1 year!
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