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Dengue Fever

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:27am

Like I’ve said yesterday, the moment I stepped into my parents-in-law’s place, my little girl, ZY greeted me with an unpleasant news. Remember? I’m her Sunday-mommy, so she sticks to me the moment I’m there…

“Shenshen (Young Auntie), I am very sick. Got fever, got pain everywhere, got cough, got running nose, got vomit and got mosquitoe bites.” ZY reported.

My eldest niece, CH, who is always eager to help, summarized it for me, “Aiya, she got DENGUE FEVER lah!”

My eyes widened. My heart sank. I remember the advertisement (sorry couldn’t find it in YouTube to show all of you) about how the mother felt so remorse over her carelessness in the maintenance of the house, which resulted in the breeding of the Aedes mosquitoes and eventually caused her son to be in pain, lying on the hospital bed because of Dengue Fever.

My heart sank because my beloved little girl is so sick. Then anger came in. I remembered Dengue Fever is contagious (hold your breath, I know what you wanna say..).

I turned to my 2nd sis-in-law, “Isn’t it contagious?!” My 2nd SIL nodded and said, “I got to know of it only after I’ve reached too..”

In my head I was going, “How come when the kids over here had chicken pox in the past, my MIL would forbid us to come. Now, is it because its Mid-Autumn Festival, that’s why she was willing to risk everyone else’s lives so that we will not miss this occasion?”

I was confused. Angry. Sad and most of all Afraid that my two boys will have dengue fever too. Well, one thing I know for sure is - Dengue Fever CAN KILL!

Throughout the rest of the day, I was not very happy, but the kids loved every moment of it, so I guess I’m happy too, in some sense.

Just before dinner, ZY woke up from her cat nap screaming and crying!

My eldest BIL, her dad, yelled at her, “Crazy ah! Why do you need to scream and cry? Just let us know what’s the problem!” That’s how all his 3 children behave whenever they are sick, especially if there is a fever. They will scream and cry. Even though ZY is already 7years old, it seems that this haven’t changed.

I’m really lucky to have kids who doesn’t even throw a tantrum when they are sick. All they do is just cling on to me like a Koala Bear.

I was sitting just beside her, watching her sleep on the sofa when it happened. Somehow, I’ve got a feeling she wanted to vomit and she confirmed my guess.

I brought her to the dustbin nearby but she refused. She wanted the toliet, so I brought her to the kitchen and that’s when my MIL took over.

MIL: “Stop crying. You are fine. Papa is angry already. Stop crying.”

ZY tried to vomit but nothing came out. Then she started to hammer her chest real hard. Keatkeat asked, “Jiejie is like King Kong..” Oh Kids, what can I say other than bring him away!

She started to throw a tantrum again. MIL instructed everyone to leave the kitchen and get out of her sight, she thinks that everyone’s presence might be pressurizing her and so everyone obeyed.

20mins after medication, ZY was back to normal, that’s why you could see her standing at the back of the photo (the one where the kids stood infront of the ‘lantern rack’).

When I got home, I searched through the internet just to confirm my fear……was a mistake! *laugh* Dengue Fever is NOT CONTAGIOUS!!! Meaning, it will NOT be transmitted from one person to another. *Phew* Luckily, I didn’t confront my MIL and make things turn ugly on such a wonderful day. *Phew*


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