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Democrats Want To Force YOU To Give Birth Naturally

Posted Jul 18 2009 12:43am

The United States has a C-section rate of 31.8%. Yep, a third of babies born in the States are born through the belly.

But don’t worry. Because according to Dick Morris, if we somehow manage to pass a comprehensive health care reform bill, the government will force you to give birth naturally.

MORRIS: What controlling costs means is –
O’REILLY: – is competition.
MORRIS: No. It means denial of services…. And that’s what — just as right now the government is telling people, cut back on cesarean sections. Go through natural childbirth; it’s a lower cost.

Wait, the government is currently telling women they can’t have C-sections? Just where does Dick Morris live?

Check out the video:

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Notice how he slides that “forced natural childbirth” reference in right at the end? Break out the tinfoil hat, folks!

May I remind Dick Morris of a few facts?

As Louise Marie Roth points out on Huffington Post,

But it’s especially interesting that Morris made his false claims about childbirth, since American maternity care is unnecessarily expensive and has very poor results. The U.S. pays twice as much per birth as other developed nations. The American infant mortality rate is the second-worst in the developed world and ranks 37th in the world, behind South Korea and Cuba. Maternal mortality rates have been rising since 1982 in the U.S., which currently ranks 41st among 171 countries. In August 2007, the CDC reported that the number of women dying in childbirth in the United States increased in 2004 for the first time in decades.

Dick Morris, if you’re going to use scare tactics about health care reform, might you pick a more reasonable example? Let’s not go patting ourselves on the back for a job well done until we get it right, m’kay?

The United States is failing women and families when it comes to childbirth.Giving birth naturally is empowering and makes for a healthy, happy family. Of course it should not be the only option.

Good care providers look at a person’s whole health: mental, physical, and emotional. My holistic pediatrician does this for my sons and my family.

Might we treat pregnant women not as a being with a condition, but as part of the picture in the whole family’s health?

Repeat after me: Birth is natural. It is not a medical condition. Our bodies are made to give birth. And we can do it!

Further reading: Jill at Unnecesarean.

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