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Posted Feb 04 2008 12:00am

As I sit here typing, my hands raw, cracked and bleeding, I think to myself.... "hmmm... white is sorta my color.. think I'll look goo in a straight jacket?" I can see the headlines now...

Mother of Quadruplets Loses Her Mind!

Yup, the delirium has set it! Let's review the chain of events that brought us to this morning:

Sunday: Gen home for a FABULOUS weekend away with the girls
Monday: Pink Eye arrived- no sleep for quads or parents
Tuesday: Pink Eye spread and RSV decided to grace us with her presence- no sleep AGAIN!
Wednesday: Kids seemed worse... NEVER SEEN THEM SO FUSSY!!! This was the day from hell! No sleep... NO QUIET! Tomorrow will be better. Keep smiling!
Thursday: The day from Hell part 2. Kids STILL SO SICK AND SOOO FUSSY! Dear God tomorrow HAS GOT TO BE BETTER! I'm starting to feel a little beaten down. The noise level has reached such a pitch that the neighborhood dogs are all barking. No sleep x6

Friday: Worse then ever. Call Dr. Farrell. Take the kids in....
diagnosis (barely heard over blood curdling screams) as follows...
1.Molly- pink eye, rsv/flu/fever/diarrhea/vomiting, double ear infection, sore throat
2.Ally- pink eye, rsv/flu/fever/diarrhea/vomiting, double ear infection, sore throat
3.Russ-pink eye, rsv/flu/fever/diarrhea/vomiting, left ear infection, sore throat
4.Libby- REALLY BAD pink eye, rsv/flu/fever/diarrhea/vomiting, sore throat, no ear infection (yet)
By the time we arrived home my ears were ringing and my spirit was shot. The inconsolable crying alone was enough to put even Mother Theresa into the NUT HOUSE.
Saturday: Meds all on board.. kids should be better right? WRONG! Saturday was the worst day yet. Conor was gone ALL day at a soccer training and the kids and I were all alone. Being that our home was a cest pool of germs I called my mom in for reinforcements so that I could CLOROX every room from floor to ceiling. I began with the Nursery. I scrubbed so hard that my fingers bled then moved on to the rest of the upstairs. As the screaming grew louder I made my way back downstairs to feed the kids lunch and get them ready for a nap. I could only hope they would sleep because I had so much work to do. I had it in my mind that I was going to kill every germ in this house even if it killed me in the process.

So, long story short… My mom and I get the kids down for a nap and I get to CLEANING EVERYTHING in site. NO JOKE! From the walls and windows, to the light switches, door handles, to every single toy in the play room. For two hours I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned until no page was left unturned and no "little person" was left unsoaked. All the while THEY (the goober butts) SCREAMED. Yup, that's right people, you heard me.. they SCREAMED for two hours STRAIGHT! So, once the last toy was wiped down I RAN upstairs to get the kids all the while feeling like the worlds most terrible mother.
As I opened the door, I looked over at Libby, and to my horror... there she was, naked as the day she was born, covered from head to toe in poop.
Needless to say the day didn't get much better from there. It's Sunday afternoon now and I'm pretty much just going through the motions. Conor will be home in time for bath tonight.. thank GOD! All I know is that the moment our little ones are in bed I'm pouring myself the BIGGEST glass of wine EVER and not moving from the couch! If they aren't better by Monday...I'll be in touch from the Funny Farm!


PS-At the end of the day life with four sick toddlers is still far better than life without.

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