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Define Tiny Waist

Posted Jan 30 2013 10:06pm

If you have seen the movie Les Miserables , for sure you had noticed Epinone’s (Samantha Barks) tiny tiny waist..

Is she wearing a corset? whatever…. while I was watching Les Miserables the movie, I was like.. Epinone here looks like Eponine from 25th Anniversary concert.. and later found out that it’s the same performer :)  stupid me! hahaha

Samantha Barks played Epinone for the 25th Anniversary concert a few years back.. and she’s back as Epinone again for the movie. It’s her first acting stint and hear that she’s great in camera, specially for someone who had no experience acting, they said she is quite confident in front of the cameras.

And today while watching Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert.. I realized two things:

One, I like Eponine better in the 25th Anniv concert that in the movie.. I don’t know, the movie Eponine is too flirty.. and the character form the movie is not as sympathizing as Eponine from the 25th concert….

And two, her waist is consistent! (ang bonnga lang!)

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