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Dear US Airways, US Airways bagg ...

Posted May 07 2009 9:23pm
Dear US Airways, US Airways baggage handlers at LaGuardia airport, US Airways customer "service" representative at Logan International Airport, and US Airways baggage delivery guy:

I've got a lot to say so I'll say it in bullet points so we're clear:

- Is it too much to ask to put my freaking suitcase on the right freaking plane?
- Does BOSTON look anything like BUFFALO? With the exception of the first letter, no. No it doesn't.
- No, I don't think it's "so funny" that my suitcase didn't arrive on the ground when I did.
- I don't care that it "happens all the time" because really? Should it? Um, no.
- Yes I'll repeat my address to you 8 (seriously) times.
- Clearly 8 wasn't enough because your baggage handler called my house at FOUR FREAKING THIRTY this morning inquiring my correct address. Because he was lost.
- I don't care that you're lost.
- Is that my 18 month old waking up to the shrill ring of the telephone?
- Yes, yes it is.
- You called back at FOUR FREAKING FORTY FIVE because you are still lost.
- When and if you find my house, just leave the suitcase at the front door. No, don't ring the doorbell. It's fine.
- *Ring*
- Where the f is my suitcase?
- Oh, you put it in front of the garage door which is not even remotely close to the doorbell.
- wtf?

Long story short, yes I got my suitcase back (with the large binder of work documents still inside THANK JESUS) but holy shit, US Airways?

We are not friends. Not at all.
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