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Dear Sunday School Teacher,

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:19pm

Iam so grateful for you. I want you to know that your service and donation of time and ability means a lot to me, my husband, and especially our three girls.

I don’t know where life will take my girls, or what choices they will make, but I can choose who they hang out with on Sunday mornings. And I have chosen YOU. I will let you watch my daughter. I will let you discuss things that couldn’t matter MORE. I have chosen to give her to you for a full hour or more.

I hope you will grow to love her. I hope even more, that you will know her. I need another adult in my child’s life to love her. We live, as many do, without extended family nearby. You, the church, are our extended family. We live a life with debilitating illness in our home. There are extra stresses, as I’m sure are common to many, that our children must carry. For our family, it is mental illness, and an auto-immune disease . But I trust you. I trust you to be gentle and caring. I trust you to simply be open to talk to her.

And I will pray. I will pray every day that you are given the serenity, courage, and faithfulness that you need. I will pray that you will grow and be blessed immeasurably by this year of service. And I will pray that you will have the gentle spirit and wisdom that my children need.

One of my daughters is only 2. She will know if the nursery staff are attentive and affectionate. My four year old daughter will take every single word you say and believe it. She will use it, and probably even repeat it. :) And my 8 year old girl, she is learning of her personal safety, she is learning of our family’s differences, and she can see areas that we, as her parents, struggle. She carries huge burdens, and she will know if you are open to her. Children just seem to sense these things.

Your lesson may be prepared a week in advance, or not at all, all I ask is that you love them and keep them safe. You are becoming part of our children’s Christian heritage this fall, and I’m so grateful. I know that service means sacrifice but I affirm your choice to serve in Children’s Ministry. These kids have a capacity to believe and be formed that no other age has. May God just bless your socks off!


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