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De-clutter with Brain Dump

Posted Jan 08 2011 1:19am

We have too much crap in our house.  I repeat, we have too much CRAP in our house!   This has been my mantra through most of 2010, and my kids can repeat my diatribe verbatim when I lose it over the messiness of our house.  They probably even mimic me behind my back.

So, I’ve really been trying to maintain the mindset of paring everything down.  Sock drawer . . . check.  Boys closet . . . 1/2 check.  A single linen closet shelf (baby steps, ok?) . . . check.  Active file drawer . . . went great until I stumbled across my “library” file.

I refuse to put a file of notes (yes, real pieces of paper) with lists of books that I jotted down for the kids or I to read one day back into the file drawer I’d like to proclaim “cleaned out.”  I probably started this file when my just-turned-11-year-old was in kindergarten.  Who knows what’s still relevant in this file.  BUT, I can’t just throw it out!  I mean this represents something I’ve spent time on.  There might be a life-changing book listed on one of these notes (and since I haven’t even read most of the books I own, these seems relevant somehow).  And listing out all these children’s books surely proves the undying love and affection of a mother for her children.  Right?

O.k.  I’m not really psychotic, but most of these emotional thoughts have flitted through my brain as I’ve added this file to the stack of stuff on my desk that I have to do something with.   So tonight, when I find myself checking out a website because it has a list of  “30 Great Books for Girls” (because you can never know about too many books, right?  what is wrong with me??), I realize I’m now also stuck with a tab open in my browser to go along with the file on my desk and -   ah hah!  A digital lightbulb suddenly went off in my head.

Why yes.
There’s a tool.
There’s a tool just for this.
And I have it.
And know how to use it.
And truly love it.
And wish I would remember that I have it when I could use it!

What is this great wonder that will solve all my problems (other than the other half of the boys’ closet)?  It’s FREE and it’s called EVERNOTE (also known as brain dump)!   I’m sure the developers at Evernote would love to hear me call it that because they probably envisioned university p Evernote Logo rofessors and really smart people using this for really important stuff.  Me?  I take all my unimportant stuff that I can’t bring myself to throw away and scan it, tag it , and THEN throw it away!  And I don’t mind throwing it away because I know I can easily find it - on the off-chance that I might ever be looking for this information again.  So,  active file drawer . . . CHECK!


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