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Dayton – Head to the Boonshoft Museum for Spring Break Fun!

Posted Mar 17 2013 9:05am 1 Comment



If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you know I love taking my kids to our local children’s museum, the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery.   In fact, my family has a yearly membership to the museum and it’s one of the best gifts we give to ourselves each year. The last time we went, it was Jonah’s first time to really get in on the action and he LOVED it. It was SO fun. Here’s his first time lovin’ on the otters in the zoo (my favorite too!):



We’ve recently and ironically been DYING to get there to see their new Microbes exhibit, which is showing through May 5th. I’ve already promised the kids a long day there on spring break but we have been trying to get there the past couple of weeks to see Microbes because I love to have my kids really experience an exhibit before I write about it.

But like I said – there’s some irony. If you are a regular reader, you know my family has been sick off and on – mostly ON, for the past four weeks. Battling one round of strep and repeated rounds of the highly contagious and re-infections norovirus. Jonah and I have had it once, both my big kids have had it 2-3 times, and Bobby has had it twice also. I spent the last few days laundering, sanitizing, and re-sanitizing our home. Today Bobby is still sick, yesterday Jonah was, and Friday both the big kids were. So, we’re not going ANYWHERE.

But YOU should!!! Especially if your kids are on spring break this week, and I know many are! You should head to the Boonshoft to check out all your usual faves and especially the Microbes exhibit. This exhibit “delves into the tiny world of these living organisms” and teaches and shows how they can both keep us healthy AND make us sick.  (More irony here, oh the irony!) This exhibit also teaches through fun, hands-on learning, like doing “the microbe dance”. Your kids will come away understanding so much more about the transmission of bacteria and prevention of diseases. (Have I mentioned irony here yet? I should’ve gone to this the DAY it opened!!)

So do yourselves a favor and head out to the Boonshoft for some spring break fun. Ours isn’t until the first week of April but we are going to try and get there ASAP so I can write another post about Microbes complete with pictures of the kids and descriptions of their favorite parts (and mine too!)

Thanks so the Boonshoft Museum for supporting this blog and for being patient with my sicko family.

Happy Spring Break, everyone!


The Boonshoft Museum sponsors this series of posts. All opinions are my own, however, I won’t be invoicing them until I actually get out to the exhibit and write about my own experiences with it. And then, they’re getting a discount! Heh.

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