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Day 6 in the Big Mother House

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:11pm
You know when you have a baby... men might not get this... or they may... so hold with me... well on about day 3-4 the baby blues set in. It's all the excitement of something new (and the drug comedown) but then the reality of the day-to-day business takes a grip and all you want to do is cry.

Well that day is today. There is no real reason for it. I'm not unhappy. I just need structure. And more friends. I'm used to having friends. I didn't go to the supermarket by the way, I ordered the food online.

On the phone last night Prince said, "Well you don't need too many friends M, you've got us. And you have got friends, they're just not there, they are here. So don't get carried away."

Translated this means: "If you have too much of a life in London, you won't come back. So don't go getting a good life."

I said: "Well remember that I am your female friend. I don't mind you having a girlfriend, but I don't want to be usurped." Which was a little selfish of me. But it was the only way to whine and cry without actually whining and crying.

He said something like that anyway. I was watching Jack play cricket. Jack has so many club trials that we have a diary in place.

We are off to our martial arts class tonight. That will make us feel at home. Tomorrow we meet a mum and her boys for a stroll around the park and a visit to an urban farm.

Christine No 2 said: "Jack sounds depressed."
"He's not," I said. "He just wants to get back to the television."
"Oh," she said, "Well he doesn't sound that happy."
"He's fine."
"So are you homesick?"
"No, I'm fine."
"You're not homesick then?"

By the tone of her voice I could tell she wanted me to be homesick.

"If I say I'm homesick, then I'll feel homesick. The best thing is not to ask us if we're homesick, because that way we won't think about it. If you ask us, then we'll think about it."
"Right... so you're not missing home then?"
"A bit. But everything will be fine."

Once Jack starts school we'll get sorted... you know... a schedule... that kinda thing. I never thought I'd be a woman in need of a schedule.

I'm getting it together. Only I'm not very patient. I need everything to be sorted this very minute. But right now I need to return home, I'm on the afternoon shift of childcare.
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