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Date Night

Posted Dec 10 2009 8:25pm
Last night we dropped off the kids at Grammy & Pop Pop's and treated ourselves to dinner & a movie. We went to Outback and almost giggled at how strange it felt not carring diaper bags or trying to wrestle crayons from Josiah's mouth. At one pointwe heard a baby crying then another knocked over a whole tray of glasses which went crashing to the ground. Not tonight. Not us. We were trying to remember what if felt like to have adult conversation; we tried our best not to talk about funny things they did or imitate our favorite facial expressions.

We had a nice meal and took our time enjoying the stillness. At the same time I was a little sad; I ultimately found myself missing the little munchkins. You try so hard not to let any one thing define you as a personbut I'm okay with being defined as a Dad. I feel like it's the only thing that really matters in my life. Before I became a Dad I thought that my legacy would be defined by the albums I've produced or maybe winning a Grammy someday. Oddly enough even when I'm in the midst of really cool recording sessions with amazing artists making great musicI find myself longing to be at home playing "peek-a-boo" with Annie or coloring with Josiah.

After dinnerwe saw "The Blind Side." I thought it was a wonderful storybut it didn't quite measure up to the acclaim that it's been receiving in the media. Truth be toldI think there are some that though we'd like it because we have a black sonbut I really didn't see any similarities other than the obvious. Thank God we've had Josiah from the very beginningbecause I couldn't imagine all the baggage that Michael Oher had to deal with. What struck me most about the movie is the generosity of Sandra Bullock's character and when Michael finally began to open up to the family. [As a side notI would have cast Holly Hunter instead of Sandra Bullock...] But it was great just to be out and about with Amy seeing a movie in an actual theatre. It felt like we were 16 all over again!
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