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Danger to myself and others

Posted Sep 26 2008 5:16pm

Last week I ripped a corner of my thumbnail. It was one of those snags where it would be really hard to cut your nail because it was almost to the skin ( shudder ). In a recent copy of Real Simple magazine they said that super glue is a great quick fix for a ripped nail. I went downstairs to get some but of course our super glue was totally hardened. Later that day I was running errands with the twins and stopped by a drug store. I saw they had super glue single use packages, so I threw one in my cart. Now I would never have to deal with another useless tube of super glue, I would have simple easy single use! The way these little darlings work is you just screw down the top and your ready to go. I was so fired up about this that I decided to try it in the car. The kids were strapped in their seats in the back and I was ready for a fixed nail, YEA! So I screw down the top not realizing there isn’t a cap and super glue gushes out over my hands. I realized in a second that my hands were sticking together and to the stupid tube. I splayed my fingers out and held them in front of the air vent to try and quickly dry the glue onto my hands. All I could think about was what if my hands had been glued into a fist or better yet with the tube stuck to a finger. Then I thought of having to call Tadd to try and rescue me, so embarrassing. Long story short the glue dried into a hard glove across half of my fingers and palm and I was safe to drive home without the threat of having my hands permanently affixed to the steering wheel. After all that I was able to fix my fingernail but I don’t know if I should be allowed around super glue single use tubes again. (Hey that wasn’t as bad as a friend who glued her hand to her desk…I wont name names)

Now here is the part of the story where I talk about how I am a danger to others. Namely my daughter. (some may remember that I had almost asphyxiated my son when he was just weeks old ) On the flight home from Michigan the nail that I glued ripped off. It was now a nice jagged little edge, but there wasnt anything I could do about it on the plane. We drove home from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara and stopped midway to get something to eat. I was holding Loen in the restaurant (and she has become quite the wiggle worm) when she was whipping her head around and I somehow managed to scratch right under her eye with the ragged nail. At first I thought I had gouged her eyeball and felt horrible. Then I saw the scratch right under her eye and the blood looked worse when mixed with her tears. I felt so bad. We finally got home and got the twins ready for bed. Lately I have been giving Loen a toy to play with while I change her diaper otherwise she tries to roll over and crawl away. So I am showing her this rattle when it slips from my hands and whacks her in her other eye. Worst mom award moment. I am feeling even worse and explaining to Tadd why she is crying when he says “At least I have never drawn blood”. Thanks dear for trying to make me feel better.

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