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Dads - How Much Time Do You Spend With Your Children

Posted Oct 28 2008 6:13pm

A recent article on Yahoo! News caught my attention and, while brief, takes a swipe at fathers and the amount of time they spend with their children. By time, I am talking about one-on-one, not including with the mother.

According to the article most Australian fathers spend around one minute per day during the working week. Have you actually analyzed the time you spend alone with your child.

For many fathers, they get home from work, have dinner with the family, and perhaps spend a short time reading or talking, or just tucking their child into bed - and that's it.

Mother's spend more time, but still not enough. According to the report mothers spend around an hour a day one-to-one with their child(ren). What the report doesn't mention are working mums who are probably closer to the dads when it comes to time alone.

spend time with your children For dads, simply being involved in the bath routine, or taking time before bed to talk about the day with your child can be so important. It goes beyond bonding. It is a time for sharing, a time to open communication channels away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Come the teenage years you will be so thankful that you had opened those channels. Children learn from experience. Get them talking to you each and every day and they will continue to do so. Shut that door now, and later in life when you want it open, you may find it is too late.

A minute a day - surely fathers can afford at least a good 30 minutes - and a good 30 minutes of quality time - sharing time. How much time do you spend with your children - have you really thought about it? You too mum!

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