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Cutting Myself Some Slack

Posted Mar 08 2010 7:57pm
Have I mentioned yet that I'm moving?

Oh...sorry...yeah I keep talking about it...

This move has invaded every aspect of my life,

And to be honest I am not loving it.

I am not loving that I have not sewn a stitch in over a week

I am not loving that I haven't been able to take my daily pictures

I am not loving the fact that we are in different locations most nights

I am not loving the exhaustion, the frustration, the confusion

I am not loving the chaos of our lives right now

And I mentioned the other day I have felt guilty

I have thought about that guilt

I have dwelled on it

And tonight I have decided

I am going to cut myself some slack

No life isn't perfect right now

My fuse has shrunk a little

But I am going to cut myself some slack

I know I am doing the best I can

We are making the best of our unhappy circumstances

So now we can all breathe deep

Because the move is almost over

And you don't have to "listen" to me prattle on

About it any more....


No more pity party...

I'm done...

Tomorrow I am going to post about Jack's birthday party

It was a perfect day

My baby boy {who is hardly a baby anymore} had fun

Until then...

Good night...

And thank you for indulging me and my constant "poor me" posts
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