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Cutie Covers: The Only Blanket Keeping Your Cutie Covered!

Posted Feb 27 2011 9:49am

Although baby blankets are made to keep a baby warm and cozy, mothers alike use the standard baby blankets to shield their little ones from cool air, germs, and unwanted hands from finding their way into the car seat.  Cutie Covers created the only baby blanket keeping your cutie covered.  Designed to be both posh and practical, cutie covers easily and securely fasten to the handle of your infant seat.

Whether the blanket is laid open or folded over, it is sure to stay in place.  This conveniently designed baby blanket provides the newest of moms with comfort in knowing her little one’s blanket cannot be blown away or kicked to the ground.  More importantly, fewer hands reach your precious little one when Cutie Covers shields the seat.  Cutie Covers offers a variety of vibrant styles and colors as unique as the cutie it covers!

Every mother-to-be anxiously awaits the arrival of the newest, most amazing part of her world. A mother’s bond with her baby forms far before the delivery and continues to the end of time. The bond between mother and child is where Cutie Covers was born.

The company was founded by a Mother (now Grandmother) and Daughter (now Mommy) who understand and value the unexplainable bond between mother and child. Their goal for Cutie Covers is not only to provide women with products as unique as the tiny package they are designed for, but to simplify motherhood with practical products for life with an infant.

Cutie Covers are designed with the most precious consumer in mind, your new baby. Customers take comfort in knowing the products are as safe and convenient as they are sassy and fashionable.

We were sent a beautiful Classic Cutie Pink Blanket.  It was soft and warm and a great size for the car seat.  We were able to give it to my niece for her baby shower as she is expecting a baby girl in April, and we were the hit of the baby shower, as no one had heard of or seen a Cutie Cover.  I must say there were quite a few women going home to check out the website for their own and how to order them.  Wonderful Blanket!

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