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Custom Wordpress Theme vs. Customized Premade Theme

Posted Nov 02 2008 8:56am

When designing your site there are many options you can choose from. Most people for the first few months of their site find a free theme and just tweak it for their needs. This is the norm for everyone to do, so do not feel as if you’re doing something wrong. You want to increase your budget for your website over time if you’re just starting out. If you have a larger budget to begin with well go crazy it will be worth it in the end!

Pajama Mommy started out with utilizing several free themes and mushed them all together. We still use this practice to a degree today. Now when you have a completely custom theme they do get pricey but you can get everything you want in the beginning. I don’t recommend doing this since some people don’t always know exactly what they want so going around and window shopping is always the best policy.

I have find taking several themes and finding what you like about them and then making a monster one out of it is the best policy. I usually take something like the Revolution Theme and then build upon it. Take what I need from it, and then talk to my designers and tell them what I want from it. I’m always looking at the new themes being published and the new plugins since they are amazing and really help produce a website.

Pajama Mommy’s theme is based on that and I have found it works best for me. You don’t have to pay your designer as much since your theme has already been made and the basics are in, you just pay them to fix the code (so they can read it and know whats going on in there.) and upgrade the site to your needs. The turn around is faster and there is less work to be done. You just give credit where credit is due and most designers may take a little off the top if you link to them on the website. I do this anyways to promote my friends since they are my designers. But I’ve gone to some personal themes that are amazing and I can never find out who designed them..I’m sure you’ve been there too. Since how many people have a revolution theme pumped on steroids but you would never know its revolution theme?

It’s definitely the way to go for anyone with any size budget in my opinion. You’ll find you have more budget for other things in the end and you’re site is in our faces much more quickly!

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