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Creative boredom-busting ideas

Posted Aug 19 2013 3:20pm

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When faced with whining children belligerently claiming boredom, rather than tend to their every whim why not give them the chance to constructively get out of the grump themselves?

An unfortunate consequence of the technological age is reliance. Many of us, not merely our children, may find it difficult to discover means of entertainment without the influence of the television or distraction of a games console. Yet very often, a child’s boredom can become the catalyst for far more constructive and creative play.

Boredom can spark creativity and more often than not, you’ll eventually witness your moaning little mite turn to a book or build a tower out of whatever toys are to hand. It’s important to encourage this self-reliance. So why not consider the following hints and tips for boosting their ability to entertain themselves?

Promote play

Sometimes your child may need a little guidance to get to grips with playing. If your child doesn’t know how to play, it’s unlikely their attention will be engaged for any length of time. Sometimes all it takes is a little of a parent’s time to spark their imagination. So sit with your little one and help to kick start creative play.

Create a boredom box

It’s always handy to have a back-up plan when boredom kicks in. Fill a box with simple ideas and activities to help assuage the boredom sulks. The activities you offer will vary according to a child’s age and interests, but could include ideas for outdoor games and art activities. There are numerous online resources that provide downloadable colouring sheets. Visit for fun templates that allow you to personalise your colouring picture with a photograph and name. If your child is adamant about being bored and unable to find something fun to do, encourage them to pick an activity from the boredom box.

Prompt outdoor play

Sometimes children will play outside for hours, yet on other occasions they may be reluctant to set foot outside. On these occasions encourage your offspring to go outside regardless. They may be insistent that they want to be indoors, but the simple suggestion of five minutes of fresh air may be all the incitement needed to spark their imagination and get them playing in the great outdoors.
Boredom is par for the course and allowing your child to manage their own entertainment can be a valuable life lesson.

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