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Creating A No Sew Tutu For A Baby Girl

Posted Nov 11 2012 8:15pm

When she asked for a yellow party, she mentioned a yellow costume…and one thing comes to my mind, a YELLOW TUTU it should be! Now, comes finding the best supplier.. but with one week notice, I know I wouldn’t find a supplier. Thank goodness for Google and Youtube, I found a great  (not so great because it did not indicate how many yards I need) tutorial on how to make a non-sew tutu.

This is the video tutorial that served as my guide:

It’s a bit different though.. as tutu supplies can be very limited to our country.. Let’s start with it, shall we?

Where to buy tutu material and what it is called?
I went to Divisoria (building between Tabora and Ylaya street) for the material, when I asked what can be used for Tutu, I was given two kinds of Tule, one is soft and the other one is stiff. I think the stiffer one is the used for ballet tutus.. the softer one (the softer) is what I need. The softer tutu is at 65 PhP per yard (60 width).

How many yards to make a Tutu?
For Sati’s Tutu, I used 2 yards of White tule and 2 yards of yellow, so that’s 4 yards in total. Sati’s tutu is double layered (see photo above).. so if you only need a single layered tutu, you will only need 2 yards for a 3 year old baby (or more if your 3 year old is big).

  • 1-3 years old: 4 yards (double layer) or 2 yards (single layer)
  • 4 years old: 6 yards for double layer tutu, 3 yards for single layer
  • 6 years old: 8 yards for double and 4 yards for single
  • adult: 20-24 yards for double and 10-12 yards for single

No-sew Tutu
If you have seen the tutorial, making the tutu is quite easy.. what makes it hard is how to cut the tulle. I am not sure there’s a supplier here that offers tulle in 6 inches width.. if you know one then you are lucky! If not, here’s how I did mine:

The tulle I bought is 60 inches width and I need 20 inches for each strip (each strip for a 3 year old tulle should be 6 inches by 20 inches at least.. you can do 15 inches or 20 inches if you want it longer). Each yard gave me 18 strips.

I lay flat the yellow tulle then placed the white tulle on top, then fold it to make it appear that the white tulle is “inside” the yellow tulle.. then I tied the overlapping tulles on my garter until every inch of garter is done. I used a simple garter as the waistband (but you can also use a crochet headband) and used a big can milk as my mannequin. For the ribbon, I just tie it in between the tulle.

How much did I spend for the Tutu? 

Here’s a breakdown:

  • 4 yards of  tulle P65 x 4 = P260
  • 2 yards of purple ribbon (see photo above) P8 x 2= P16
  • 1 yard of plain garter P4
  • measuring tape P20

TOTAL COST of TUTU: P300 (fare not included)

How many hours did I spend making a no-sew tutu?
I made it in an hour (I think) and that includes cutting and tying.. and fitting.

I think, this will be a new hobby.. I saw this black dress tutu (photo from SM Kids Fashion FB page ) and I can’t stop thinking about it! I have a few friends with baby girls.. I think I can make some for them too! It was easier than I thought it was and not even pricey!


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