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Crayola Goes Solar, Sure That Makes Up for Asbestos in Crayons

Posted Aug 17 2010 12:00am

Azo cleantech reports:

The solar farm incorporates more than 26,000 panels to produce an annual energy of 1.9 MW. Crayola claims that the energy produced is enough to manufacture nearly one third of the total three billion crayons manufactured by the company every year.

Peter Ruggiero, who leads Crayola global operations as Executive Vice President, said that green represents not just a color for Crayola and that the installation allows them, the use of renewable energy sources, lessens the production of waste and protects the rain producing forests and above all motivates the kids of today, to motivate others, for a better world.

Producing one-third of the company’s crayons from solar power is grand, but what about the other two-thirds?  Does this energy come from coal burning power plants?

I also find the statement by Ruggiero a little hokey.  Rain forests and motivating kids for a better world…really?  What about energy independence and climate change?  Ruggiero’s statement just reminds of me of something Miss America would say.

Of course, Crayola is promoting its new solar crayons with “ten lucky children from across America” to “‘plug in’ the new solar facility,” according to Solar Feeds .  I do think it is cool that the Crayola solar farm features 26,200 thin-filmed solar panels, and it will “eliminate nearly 2,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, equivalent to planting 400 acres of pine forest each year”.  That’s the kind of info Crayola executives should be touting, but they left it up to the “lucky” children, like the one in the video above!

Last fall, Crayola announced its plans for the solar farm and had projected it would be up and running by June 2010. Only a couple months behind schedule, the project was partially funded by Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act .

Despite being snarky about Crayola executive’s beauty pageant remarks, I do applaud the companies move towards solar.  One question…do the solar crayons contain asbestos ?

Although the asbestos controversy ten years ago was written off as “no cause for concern” and “scientifically insignificant”, I still think two out of five tested Crayola crayons containing asbestos is alarming, no matter how insignificant the amount.

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