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could i be pregnant?

Posted by cerysmia0000

Hi, my last period was jan 15th, we had  intercourse 23rd and 25th jan,  but over the last few days i have had cramping in the lower tummy area, a bit like period pains, but im not due on till 15th feb, and i dont normally get period pains. but my tummy is quite bloated and i have been a tad moody im hoping im pregnant, do you think there is a possible chance i may be ???

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If you didn't use birth control, and you had sex between day 7 and 14 of your cycle (if the first day of menstration is day 1) then yes, you could be pregnant. 

 However, if we want to be pregnant, our bodies can play tricks on us, and our mind can be over active in trying to be sensative to our bodies.  It is a very difficult thing to predict.  Also, around this time in the month, you could also be experiencing side effects from ovulating.  Some women don't feel a thing, some women can feel every excruciating cm of the journey of the egg.  

You can be pro-active about your healthy and future baby by taking excellent care of yourself.  Drink lots of water, exercise, take your vitamins - prenatal - if you are trying to get pregnant.  Incorporate relaxation and recreation to your day to keep up a relaxed happy mood.  Enjoy the days with your partner pre-baby, and remember to have fun in the baby-making process.  It can be fun work!  :) 


Good luck!

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