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**Cough** **Cough** **Sneeze**

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:48pm 1 Comment
Lunanik's guide to making sure you successfully avoid getting a good night's rest:

  1. First night: Get sick. Make good and sure the mucus in your nose is so stubborn that no amount of cold medication or blowing will help dislodge it, thereby plugging your sinuses indefinately and making breathing barely an option.
  2. Second night: Add a thrashing, feverish toddler to your bed for the night and endure many, many kicks to the head, torso, and knees.
  3. Third night: Treat bruised head, torso, and knees. Develop a fever of your own and as a bonus, vomit violently and repeated thoroughout the night. (*Bonus* Lose 5 lbs of water weight!)
  4. Fourth night: Add a thrashing, extremely feverish (yet surprisingly spirited), slightly younger toddler to your bed for night and sleep only an hour or so between vomitting sessions and cold compresses.
  5. Fifth night: Pray that your now well (and very rambunctious children) will sleep thru the night allowing your coughing, sneezing, and over tired ass to get a good night's sleep.
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Avoid getting sick in the first place!  If you're worried about H1N1, I have a tip. I heard about a great program called Germy Wormy Germ Smart that teaches kids to understand how germs spread and how to NOT spread germs. My daughter learned it at school. It was so much fun for her, and it was amazing how quickly the kids learned healthier hygiene habits!
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