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Costumes. Costumes. Costumes

Posted Oct 22 2010 2:59pm
Costumes is my most favorite sewing piece.. Well, it stretches my imagination and imperfections are always part of the costume. And a few more days before the Halloween, I am sure most moms are trying t0 figure out what costumes their kids will want to wear.

Kids depending on their ages wears different costume. For most girls below 7 years old, they want princess costumes, fairy costumes and the likes. Girls ages 7 above goes for character, so don't get shocked when your kid wants to be Sunshine Corazon (Glee, complete with big eyeglasses and headset singing Telephone). Or when she suddenly starts imitating Hannah Montana husky voice (yayayay!).

For the boys, you would notice that once they knew how to speak, you can no longer force them to wear a cute pumpkin costume or a polka dot, bug costume (or even a very black and yellow Bumble Bee costume). They want to be ghost, monster, alien and the likes. They would not stop from telling you to buy them a ghost pirate costume, a weird looking alien costume or even a monster mask just to pass up as a monster. Some would even want to pass up as a treasure hunter, and they would never stop until you buy them Nikon binoculars or any binoculars as a prop. And some would even insist that they be a Mario or a Luigi.

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