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Cost of the Sati Eco Bag

Posted Nov 24 2010 5:59pm
The Sati Ecobag, a very nice giveaway. It's usable, reusable and creates an impact. It's a way of saying that we have to bring your own bag. Other than that, it's IN.. napapanahon ika nga... what, with all the malls charging its costumers for plastic bags, an Eco bag should be your bestest friend (except your hubby's plastic) when it comes to shopping.

And if you are planning to have this kind of a giveaway this coming Christmas, here is a summary or an idea of how much it will cost you
The bag is made of canvas, a yard of canvas is 45 to 55 Philippine Pesos in Divisoria. Each yard can make 3 bags (handle not included). So for 50 pcs bag, you will need 17 yards of canvas. As for the handle, you will need 4.5 yards (Handle: 1 yard = 11 bags). For the bag alone, you will need 21.5 yards (do the math).

The SATI name in front is a bit expensive as I bought a rather expensive clothe for that. It was 150 Pesos per yard and for 50 bags, a yard per letter is good enough. I bought 4 yards, each yard is a different print. But if you must, opt for a cheaper kind of tela.

The embroidery in the back was really cheap. For 50 pieces, you just need to pay 300 to 500 for programming and for each embroidery around 18 to 25 pesos (depending on the size). But they only accept minimum of 50 pieces.

My mananahi charge me 50 Pesos each bag, included are the SATI letters and the pocket at the bag and of course the whole bag.

Here's the total cost for 50 pieces eco bags
Tahi: P50 * 50 = 2500
Canvas: P45 * 23 yards = 1035
Letters: P150 * 4 yards = 600
Embroidery: P1250

TOTAL: P5385

Each bag costs P107.7

not bad for a giveaway eh?

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