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Cord Blood Banking Services

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:13pm

This topic which may be new to you, was unknown to me. When this company purchased a review from Pajama Mommy I thought it was high-time for me to learn exactly whatCord Blood Banking is, and its benefits. However, this may be very controversial to some people. Please note that we always focus on the positives and give a non political or personal view to topics such as these. We only want to inform you what it is and the benefits that you personally can derive from it.

Now if you were like me and were not familiar with the term I had to do a little research. Cord Blood Banking means you’re freezing your umbilical cord for use of the stem cells if any thing were to happen to your wee one.  According to their website over 45 different disorders have been treated with the cells from yourcord bloodso this is actually something serious you need to talk to your partner about, or if you are doing this alone you may want to discuss this with your doctor. Cord blood storage is something I really didn’t know about but I am definitely going to look into it because you never know what you may have or may need in the future. If everything with your child is fine that is great and I know everyone is happy for you. However, for some they aren’t so lucky. The cells fromsaving cord bloodcould cure or treat variety of disorders your child may have that if you hadn’t saved it, your child would suffer their whole life from.

Their fee’s are a lot less expensive than I imagined. It is cheaper if you store it for 20 years. However, discuss with your doctor the appropriate length and if you plan on having more children if the cells can be used for more than one child so that way you aren’t spending this per child. For 20 years it can cost over $3,000, however for 1 year it is a little over $1,000 so financially it is cheaper to go for the 20 years than it is for saving it for 1 to 5 years.


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