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Posted Aug 17 2012 11:06pm
Scrolled through my Facebook feed and realized that August really did provide me with a few giggles between the bickering, whining, and chaos.

~Apparently, I have broken Middle C's heart forever because I "forgot" to buy Strawberry Short Cake band-aids and only have the plain ones. I told her they were twice as much money to get the fancy ones, she replied,"Yeah, but just think of how much money an infected cut will cost you because these plain ones don't cover as much skin." Good Luck Kinder teachers, I will soon pass the torch to you.
~ We were watching the closing Olympic Ceremonies when George Michael came on. Without thinking I said," I thought he was still in jail". George started singing, "Freedom". E looked up and said ,"Obviously he likes being out of jail because he wrote a song about it." I am just glad he didn't sing, "I want your sex".

~ I have hit the age where a thong will no longer be in my panty rotation. I tossed them on the ground while I was cleaning out the drawer. I just went upstairs to the play room and discovered that they girls seem to think they make a pretty awesome hammocks in the Barbie Dream house.

~ Shout out to my 5 year old for keeping it real." Mommy, I know you have been sick, but it isn't hard to shower and put some lipstick on." She then digs through my panty drawer and pulls out a thong from years ago."This will make you feel much better!" 

~ The girls were attempting synchronized diving at the pool today. Before jumping off the diving boards, they would discuss what they would do. I overheard Middle C saying,"Ok, first you toot, then shake your bottom, and then do spirit fingers." 
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