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Controlling Aggressive Behaviors In Your Children

Posted Feb 06 2010 5:00pm

There are many trials that come with raising kids that many parents are not ready for. Though we do our bestthe best of us make mistakes. Some children have developmental problems that change what being a parent meansand others have problems with aggressive behaviors that seem to come out of nowhere. Though it seems as if controlling these is something that you cannot dothere are some things parents can try to keep aggressive and troubling behaviors to a minimum.

You should always see a doctor when aggressive behaviors seem to be out of controlbut there are some small things parents can do on their own that might make a huge difference. The first thing is to understand that children use aggressive behaviors in an attempt to convey some type of message. They may be in painnot able to communicate needsor they simply don’t know what they are feeling. Anger and aggression is often a mask for something elseso keeping that in mind when the behaviors start is a good first step in trying to get the child calmed down.

For any childaggressive behaviors can seem to come out of nowhere. This is when parents need to think about the events that lead up to the tantrum or behavior. This can give clues over a series of weeks as to what is triggering the aggressive behaviors. This is especially helpful when you have a child with developmental delays like autism. Figuring out why they are happening is a huge step in helping to avoid such episodes in the future. Many timesparents find out that the behaviors that come out with aggression are simple matters that are easy to fix or remedy.

Another thing to remember about aggressive behaviors is that patience is always the best thing anyone can use. If you freak out along with themthings are only going to get worse. Behavior that is aggressive will be charged and get worse if the parents are not calm about the matter. It can be very hard to be calmbut it is immensely beneficial. Another thing to do in the middle of such an episode is to make sure the child is safe. That might mean picking them up and moving them from being near stairs or breakable items. This is something that many parents face with a sense of despairbut knowing what to do can mean changing aggressive behaviors before they are so ingrained that they may never change.

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