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Consistent Parenting Advice

Posted Sep 23 2008 5:35am 1 Comment

Hello Everyone!

I truly believe in consistent parenting. What is consistent parenting and what does it mean to be consistent?

consistent parenting To be consistent is to be reliable, dependable and constant.

These words immediately convey comfort don't they?

Being reliable means that you can be trusted. When I think of the people I can trust, the first thought that comes to mind is that I know if they say they will do something, they will do it. If they say they will be on time they are on time. I have every confidence in my expectations of them.

Is this how you want to be seen by your children?

Is this how you would like to see your children become?

Being dependable means that you are steady and responsible. Aren't these the values you would like your children to learn from you?

Being constant means to be stable, regular and even in your approach.

Doesn't this make you feel comfortable and safe?

Consistent parenting creates happy, well adjusted families. 

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Kids need to be able to predict that two and two are going to be four the same way they need to be able to predict what time they’re going to go to bed, how they’re going to be dealt with if they curse, and what’s going to happen if they don’t do their homework. Consistent parenting is a key learning tool for your child, because when something is consistent, he can rehearse it and incorporate it inside of himself until it becomes a part of him.
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