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Concert ReCap

Posted Sep 17 2009 4:48pm
All of these are from my phone.
We had a BLAST!

My Top Ten Thoughts on tonight

1. Jordin Sparks rocked it. She looked AMAZING and has an unbelievable voice.

2. The JB's are great entertainers. The set and their performance were really fun and interactive.

3. 19, 900 of the 20,000 (sold out) Staples Center seats were filled with females. Most of whom were between the ages of 8-18.

4. Above mentioned age group is beyond capable of breaking glass and causing deafness with their voice when excited.

5. Beware - this can happen when JUST A PICTURE of the JB's momentarily flashes across the Big Screen.

6. When the boys actually took the stage...the shrieking could have brought down Jericho. Twice.

7. 16, 19 & 21 years old. CRAZY!!

8. Nick Jonas has more musical talent in his pinky than I have in my whole body. He played the piano, guitar, bass, and drums WELL. All while singing, running around the stage, and being groped from below.

9. I didn't go to a concert like this til I was almost 20. So I was impressed when M&M lasted till the end! 11 o'clock. It was fun to experience this thru their eyes. They were definitely a little taken back by the size and sound at first. But within 10 minutes, they were dancing, singing, eating, cheering and SHRIEKING with the best of them.

10. I never again need proof that my husband will do ANYTHING to make me happy.

I love you, Mateo. Even tho you'd probably rather stick pins in your eyes than go to a Jonas Brothers concert - you totally offered to go. I didn't even have to ask. You know I hate driving freeways, especially at night, and dealing with parking/navigating the crowds. And you know I'm a nightmare when it comes to sense of direction and being out of my 3 mile radius. I love you for coming to my rescue - even before I had a crisis! I love you for being such a good sport the entire time. Happy, sweet, fun, patient and excited with the girls when you could've just sat there and endured it all. I love you for not batting an eye when 2 tshirts and 2 glo-sticks cost an arm and a leg. Pretty much...I just love you! You're "Much Better" than anything I could've hoped for. ;-)
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