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con Leche

Posted Jan 13 2011 12:17am
Our baby boy was born on Christmas Eve morning. I hadn’t packed my hospital bag ahead of time so I wasn’t feeling quite as prepared as I had hoped when I went into labor.  Luckily, I had made a quick trip to Babies R Us earlier in the week so we did have everything we needed, or so I thought.

The morning after our baby was born, my husband went home to shower and to grab a quick bite to eat (the cafeteria food wasn’t cutting it for him). He showed up a few hours later with a small gift in hand. Even though it was Christmas Day, it still brought me to tears. This is certainly one Christmas I will never forget.

Inside the box was a watch, one that was on my wish list but that still came as a surprise. I haven’t worn a watch in years and even though I recall saying a few years back that the wrist watch would soon be obsolete (what with everyone carrying a phone which tells the correct time), I fell in love with the watches from con Leche that I had discovered during my pregnancy.

con Leche (Spanish for “with milk” or “milky”), makes stylish watches for breastfeeding moms. Underneath the standard dial that tells the current time is a second dial which shows the time of baby’s last feeding and is manually reset each time your breastfeed. You can also record which side baby nursed on at each feeding by manually setting “L” (left), or “R” (right). Ingenious.

When my first son was born and breastfeeding was new to both of us, I kept track of each feeding on a piece of paper but soon discovered that having that paper handy at each feeding was the most challenging part of the process.

Breastfeeding can be a struggle during the first few weeks but it does get easier. My new watch is a lifesaver and makes feeding the baby much less stressful since I simply glance down at my wrist to determine when, approximately, his next feeding will be.

I highly recommend adding a con Leche watch – with three unique designs – to your baby registry or for dads to purchase as a push present for their partner. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift (besides our Christmas Eve baby).

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