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Communication Book

Posted Jan 13 2010 10:01pm

The kids have a "Communication Book" each from their respective school/kindy to facilitate communication between parent/home and teacher/school.

The kindergarten basically uses this Communication Book once a month to inform parents about what is happening at the kindy whether there is an upcoming concert, a special holiday etc.

The Communication Book at the primary school is used daily to record homework as well as what to bring to school the next day eg what extra fees to pay or special materials to bring to school. The children are required to copy all this down in their Communication Book for mum or dad to see. Parents are supposed to sign in the book after checking and they can write in the form of remarks or questions to the teachers in the same book. The latest school notices are also pasted in the book for parents to take note of.

So far I have not written anything down on the book to the teacher, preferring to meet or call up the teacher instead. However, I find the book extremely useful as a record to check on my girl's work and help her with her homework. My girl often forgets to write on it therefore defeating its purpose. I am glad the school is working towards an online version of the Communication Book now.

Do you check your child's Communication Book?

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