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Commenting on Comments

Posted Apr 21 2011 8:55am

This is a very random (and not very substantial) post, but I am perplexed by something today.

Jenny and I love, love, love it when people comment on our posts. I have heard Jenny say more than once, “No one has commented on my post today and it makes me want to kill myself.”

Not to put pressure on you or anything!

But yeah, when you comment and give us advice or tell a story or just say “hellz yeah,” it makes our day. Really, it does.

And, a lot of times the comments you leave are way smarter and more insightful than whatever we’ve been able to unintelligibly barely articulate in the actual post.

A few months ago we installed a WordPress plug-in (are we techy or what?) that allows us (or you) to reply directly to a comment that has been made, and if someone comments on your comment, you get an email notification. Did you follow that?

But it occurred to me today that we don’t take advantage of that feature as often as we could or should, and it’s not because we don’t value your comments, it’s just because… well, I guess because we haven’t gotten in the habit of it.

OMG could I possibly belabor this point any more?

My question is this – when you leave a comment, do you hope someone will respond? To make this lame post more exciting (to me, anyway) let’s take a vote.

When I leave a comment…

( polls )

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