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Comment Lurve

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:34pm
Thanks girls and my single boy comment maker man - Daddy Forever. MIC reads - MIC does not comment in text - but boy oh boy does he sometimes comment in the kitchen ...

Thanks for making my yukky week a one splattered with comment love from near and afar.

When one quits a job in under 12 months - lets be honest here - in barely more than six months - one can feel a little deflated.

Add to that, the decision to take the job came not because I/we were looking to get out of the current job and city but because I was asked to come and then add that we left a cushy environment, where we had really just got settled and came back to the big smoke (haze) of Brisbane, and well I did feel a little flat, run over, saggy boobed and heavy bottomed.

So whenever I felt I was slipping down the dark hole of despair I would pay the wee blog a visit - hence my read figures are waaayyy up - and see who had been a calling. Without fail one of you had been, read and left an empty coffee cup on the kitchen bench. Thanks guys.

From the local newies like Dee thru to the die hearts from the red white and blue I thank thee.

If one only lurks - I hate that word - and doesn't comment - I still see the clicks on the counter below and thing ahhh someone in Sydney thinks I'm ok and hello MIC's sister in Dunedin - I know you've been by ...

So a big thankyou and an appreciative hug from le

PS I often answer comments made with responses in the comment section ... I am also beginning to copy and paste them into the commenter's blog comment section so you know I am listening ... now I know my spelling in comments is rather hap hazard - no spell check - so my apologies if I bring down the tone of the well written spaces you guys inhabit - but hey slightly messed up wording is still me loving you so try and work with it and decipher the best one can - really going now - off to read you - le xoxoxo
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