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Comfort Food!

Posted Feb 25 2013 10:09pm

On our way to Greenhills, hubby asked why I love Sbarro’s Baked Ziti..

It’s my favorite pasta dish! Whenever I think of pasta, that’s the only thing that comes to my mind, specially when I am not feeling well. The taste is so simple and yet it never fails to uplift my spirit.. top it with meatball + chili flakes.. ohh that’s what heaven is all about!


That’s what I had after spending two days in bed (virus argh!) After finishing the plate, I was back to my old self.. alive and kicking! LOL

Aside from Sbarro’s Baked are some of the foods that I consider my comfort foods:

Sinampalukang manok with kalamansi, fish sauce and lots of chili dip..

Sinigang na Baboy na sobrang asim

Rai Rai Ken’s noodle with lots of wasabe (the best yan pag may sipon)

Siomai with lots of chili garlic

Bulalo with kalamansi, fish sauce and lots of chili dip

Shawarma (spicy sauce please!)

Err, obviously, it’s the chili that gives the kick.. hindi naman ako mahilig sa maanhang.. pero when I am not feeling well, I crave for spicy food..It makes me feel better.. eh di ba nga may study na pepper can heal you.. baka psychological lang to hahaha but yes, chili flakes and company is a paracetamol to me :)

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