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Collections of Ian & Isabel’s Kiddy Talks

Posted Dec 29 2010 5:21am

Usually when we hear our kids talk funnily, after a split seconds, we just remember there is something very funny but can’t remember the content. It has been like this for a while, so I tried to capture these moments in my phone’s sms. Here is a collection of their kiddy talks recently…

One day, Isabel and Ian were playing. I guess Ian was acting as Transformer and Isabel is his ‘victim’ that he attacks (LOL!). And, after resting a while, while Ian resumed, he wanted to do the ‘auto-punch’ on Isabel, this is what Isabel yelled:

“No, you cannot hit me any more. I am not inside your game already!”

On Christmas day, when we napped, Isabel whispered to me,
“Mama, my Christmas present to you is my obedience.”

Wow, my heart melted!

And Ian, after unwrapping a few presents, while on the way out, he mumbled to himself, “I am very grateful today, with all my Christmas presents.”

When we were wrapping Christmas presents (lots of them, for the church’s kids), Ian and Isabel helped me. Ian made some mistakes, and I was impatient I scolded him. Guess what he said?

“Mama, I am still learning. I first time do it, of course I don’t know!”

Few nights ago, I stayed with Isabel till she fell asleep before I went back to my room. In the middle of the night, she woke up crying. DH helped to comfort her, but she kept asking for me. When I reached there, she hugged me and said,

“I sleep and then I wake up, I cannot see you. I thought you go out and die already.”

LOL! She must have had nightmare!

And yesterday, my lower back was very painful. The kids tried to pray for me. When Ian said a word, Isabel followed. It was so funny, when Ian said, “…Please heal mama…”

Isabel tried to ‘correct’ him saying that “… Please help my mommy…, not Mama, later Jesus doesn’t know who is mama, mommy is the proper term!”

Hahaha, will Jesus not know who is mama? She is so funny lah!

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