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Posted Sep 07 2008 8:02pm

If you find your baby continually cries at a certain part of the day and it is difficult to get them to settle, they could be suffering from colic.

Early evening is when most mums find colic strikes, this is the time when you will probably be feeling tired and looking forward to relaxing. The crying can last for hours and everything you do may not seem to help to soothe your baby. Why does colic occur?No-one can seem to agree on what causes colic, some doctors say it is due to wind and stomach pain. Whatever the cause, there are a few things you can try to help you get over this period.

  • For breastfeeding mums you could try changing your diet, maybe something you are eating doesn’t agree with your baby. Talk to your health visitor who can advise you on where you could make adjustments to your diet.

  • Avoid lots of visitors handling your baby and passing them around, over stimulation can cause your baby to become fretful, it doesn’t mean of course that you can’t let anyone hold your child, just make sure they get time to settle on their own and enjoy quiet times.

  • Bottle fed babies may find a change of formula milk can help. Your health visitor will be able to advise you.

  • Gripe water or for younger babies there are alternative colic drops, some mums think these really help.

  • Massaging your baby’s tummy in a circular motion clockwise could relieve any build up of wind.

Get as much help as you can, share the crying with some-one, coping with a baby who cries constantly can make you feel stressed and unable to cope…..this is normal. It doesn’t last forever but it can be an extremely difficult period to deal with.Don’t be too afraid to ask for some help.

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