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Coffee, Make Up and Socks

Posted Oct 06 2012 12:00am

Addy asks: How do you (or do you) control your coffee intake on a daily basis? Apparently someone thinks mine is out of control.

CONTROL my COFFEE INTAKE????? Why on earth would I ever do that?

I'm so kidding. My husband doesn't drink coffee at all - he might have a cup once in a while at a meeting, but he isn't a coffee drinker. I have at least one cup every morning, a second if I come home from dropping people at school and it sounds good, and about half the time, a third in the afternoon. Some days I only have that first one. Some days I have all three - but those days are rare. After years and years of drinking Starbucks, I now can't stand the stuff and drink it only if I'm out somewhere, have a headache and can't get something better.  I do like Dunkin' Donuts, and live by my Keurig - I use the refillable K cup and right now, my current favorite is Cafe Bustelo . It's super cheap at Wal-Mart. 

Anyone, ANYONE, who tells me I am drinking too much coffee is going to die. If you don't think you drink too much coffee, don't listen to anyone who thinks you do - they are just jealous of all you accomplish in one day.

Do you do the dress-up pretty thing every day? Or only on certain days?

Last year, someone told one of my local friends that she thought I had a REAL job - a work out of the HOME job, because I dressed up every day. I do have a real job - I did before I got the one I have now (squee!) and even when I wasn't getting a pay check, it was still a real job. I know that my husband works around beautiful, pulled together, immaculately made up women every day - and so, based on those things, my answer may surprise you - but most of the time, I try to get at least a little dressed up. I wear make up most every day, and try to take the time to have my hair look good at least 80% of the time. I feel better about myself when I don't look like cold death. I feel like a fully functioning adult when I at least attempt to get myself pulled together - and people respond more favorably to a woman who takes the time to look like she's worth something rather than the scrapings off the bottom of a shoe. That being said, I know it's SUPER tough some days - that's one reason I have a three minute, five step make up routine that I can do in two stop lights. I do literally EVERYTHING in stages - wash and blow dry my hair at night, straighten it the next day - and then it's good for three.

Stacey B asks the question of the day - or at least, last week: As a fellow mom to a big family, how do you control the sock situation at home? How is it that no matter how many new pairs of socks you purchase, label, only wash laundry together per bedroom, there are still piles or baskets of mismatched socks?

There's about, oh, 150 socks in this here Rubbermaid container

I really, literally and truthfully, HATE socks. Hate wearing them. Hate washing them. HATE looking for mates. About a week ago, I got so sick of the morning I can't find any socks! She's taken all of my socks! i don't have ANY SOCKS AT ALL - despite the shopping trip that had bought each school aged child a package of 8-12 pairs of clean, crisp new white socks - 

That I just rebelled. No more.

I dumped bureaus, I dumped drawers, I looked under beds and scrounged all over. In the end, my three youngest kids ended up with about 35 pairs of socks EACH. For real. And that bucket? The one up there? Is the UNMATCHED SOCKS. It is a SIN how many pair of socks I've bought for these kids, and I have no idea how to keep it under control.

I've tried buying all the same type for each kid - Hanes with green writing for one, red for another and so on. I've tried sewing different colors of thread on the toe of socks to indicate whose socks are whose. I've tried lingerie bags, kept in each bedroom, for the kid to toss their dirty socks, to be washed in the bag and returned to the drawer.i've tried sock clips to keep the socks together in the dirty wash. I don't match them - I give each kid a basket of their own clean wash and they are responsible for folding it and putting it away - and yet, every day, there's a ton of mismatched socks and no uniform socks to be found.Many days my kids - who absolutely don't care at all - go out in mismatched socks - and I'm embarrassed to say that when I got ready for a funeral last week - I had on one black sock that was mid calf and one that was knee high.

Nothing works.

We have way too many socks, but we've got white socks, tan and green for uniforms, and other ones that are just c-u-t-e. The problem is multi facted - no one puts them in the hamper, the washer seems to eat them, they aren't matched up correctly, and then they aren't put away correctly.

It's a problem that makes me c-r-a-z-y.

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