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Coffe In Less Than 30 Seconds, And It's Not Instant!

Posted Aug 16 2010 3:41pm
Coffee is a drink from a roasted seed that is brewed. The seed comes from the coffee plant. These are coffee cherries that are grown in several countries. And for sure you will agree that nowadays, coffee is one of the most consumed beverage in the world.

Nowadays, instant coffees are gaining more and more popularity on the market. People tend to buy it more than brew a cup. They think that buying coffee beans and grinding it and brewing it takes a lot of time. They are missing a lot in terms of coffee enjoyment. They did not know how fun it is to sip a cup that was freshly grind and freshly brewed. The use of conical burr coffee grinder to grind coffee beans will make the experience more fun. Coffee bean grinders is a must in every home specially if the home maker owns a manual or semi automatic espresso machine . The advantage of having your own coffee grinder is the fact that you have the control over the quality and the consistency of coffee grounds produced. As you know, the quality of the espresso is very dependent on the coffee grounds.

There are many different types of coffee grinders because there are different ways to grind coffee beans. There are those that uses two revolving abrasive elements to grind the coffee. In between, the coffee beans are crushed thus making the beans release the coffee's etherical oils. And this makes the coffee taste richer and smoother. This kind of grinding is called, Burr grinding. Chopping is another way to grind coffee, blades rotating at high speed are used here. The thing about this is the grind is not uniform and the particles size varies. Ideally particles should have the same size so that brewing will produce tastier coffee.

Espresso machines have different types too. There's manual and there's semi automatic. There's also super automatic espresso machine a type of espresso machine that have the capability to do all things. Yes, it has the capability to grind, make your coffee and even provide steam to froth milk. And not all that, it also dump out the grounds in the collection bin. It will only take less than 30 seconds for you to enjoy your cup of coffee, and that comes straight from beans.

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