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Club FLECH Laser Tag in Beaumont, Texas

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:25pm

There's a new place in Beaumont, Texas. It's called Club FLECH. We've been meaning to check it out for awhile. And we finally did this past weekend.

Club FLECH's Soda Fountain in Beaumont, Texas

Club FLECH stands for Families Love Entertainment Center Hangouts. And my family loved it! Our youngest daughter just celebrated her birthday. She's a bit of a tomboy. And laser tag is what she wanted to do for her birthday party. Oh yea, and pottery painting. Sounds like a strange combination of things to do. Laser tag and pottery painting. But, the funny thing is that Club FLECH offers both of these things.

Club FLECH Birthday Parties

The whole place is geared towards fun. The main area is dominated by a bright red old-fashioned soda fountain counter. They serve up a mean root beer float. They also offer pizzas and hot dogs. But, the real fun is the laser tag. Come on, I'll show ya.

Club FLECH. Laser Tag in Beaumont, Texas

The first thing you do is suit up in the game vest. Then, the employees teach you how to use the laser guns and give you all the safety rules. And then they cut you loose in the laser tag arena. Let the fun begin!

Club FLECH. Laser Tag in Beaumont, Texas

Now, I did not know that playing laser tag was such a good stress reliever. Laughing in the dark. Playing in the dark. Chasing people in the dark. Zapping people with lasers. Laughing some more. Yea, it works for me.

Club FLECH. Laser Tag in Beaumont, Texas

Your daughter left her dirty clothes on the bathroom floor again? ZAP HER! You'll feel better. I promise.

Club FLECH. Laser Tag in Beaumont, Texas

Your teenage daughter whines that everybody else's Mom is buying them an iPhone? ZAP HER! You'll feel better. I can almost guarantee it.

Club FLECH. Laser Tag in Beaumont, Texas

When you zap someone, the laser tag machine cheers you on with "Great tag!" or "Great shot!"

Husband complaining that you spend too much time online? ZAP HIM! You'll feel better. The words "Great tag!" are sweet music to your ears.

Club FLECH. Laser Tag in Beaumont, Texas

Once your done taking out all your frustrations in the laser tag arena, it's time for a more peaceful and tranquil activity. There is a pottery painting studio where you can quietly create a ceramic masterpiece. There are lots of different ceramic pieces to choose from. Unicorns. Butterflies. Kittens. Flowers. Here's the part where your child's girly side will shine through.

Club FLECH Pottery Studio and Painting in Beaumont, Texas

Or maybe not. Yes, that's a rattlesnake she is painting.

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