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Clothes that fit (and some pictures)

Posted May 09 2009 12:00am

I don't think I have gained any weight since becoming pregnant (the last time I was weighed was a couple of weeks ago), but my pants are starting to fit differently.

As a big girl anyway, I was convinced that I wasn't going to have to purchase any kind of maternity clothes for a long time. I had recently lost 20 pounds before getting pregnant, so I just figured all the pre-weight loss pants/skirts would still fit for a while. Little did I realize that the body changes differently while pregnant.

My pants are buttonable and wearable, but not the most comfortable. I immediately take them off once I walk in the door from school. I can wear B's pants, which would fit me comfortably in the waist, but then it looks like I have clown pants on. Without being pregnant, I look like a tomato on stilts. I carry all of my weight in my boobs and my stomach. My legs are pretty thin, and my butt is nonexistent. I go from back to legs.

So last night, we hit up our local thrift store. I purchased 2 pair of actual "maternity" bottoms. (And bonus-they were having a sale that anything that goes on your bottom half of your body was half off!) I got a pair of Ol.d Na.vy jeans, the kind with the small elastic band that fits under the belly, (not one of those huge panels), and a pair of Li.z cotton gauchos that still had the original tags on them. I also got a Bis.ou Bi.sou dress (not maternity, but stretchy), a cotton skirt (drawstring waistband), a pair of linen capris (tags still on), and a pair of elastic waisted black pants (probably for bed time). We also bought a 4 pack of spoons (our spoons seem to be disappearing). Guess how much I spent?

$24. SCORE

We then walked down to Fashi0n Bu.g and I purchased 2 bras (buy one, get one half off) in a cup size and band size bigger than what I usually wear..and not underwire. They were comfortable when I put them on, but I don't love them. I am not used to wearing a non-underwire bra. I don't feel supported. The tags are still on those and I may choose to take them back. My cups are (almost) runneth over in my regular bras something has to be done soonish.

Then one more store down was a Rit.e A1d going out of business. Everything was 90% off. However, all they had left were greeting cards. Anyone who knows me, knows I love greeting cards and stationary. It was my lucky day. I got 18 cards for $5.10. Awesome.

Overall, it was a fun shopping trip.

And for those of you that read through an entire post about my shopping extravaganza, I leave you with 3 pictures. 2 are of Brayden's (You know my BFF's son and the one I babysat all summer) first birthday and one of the outfit my mother gave us the day of our first ultrasound)

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