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Clearance shopping.

Posted Feb 02 2009 11:41pm

Thursday night: What happened today???  I was really tired so I woke up late but "N" was dressed in a "timely fashion" and I promised him that if he was, I would make him a homemade breakfast.  Luckily I was showered, dressed and semi done getting ready.  "O" had to throw a 10 minute temper tantrum but was able to eat breakfast still and the tantrum was between the two when she couldn't reach her princess long sleeve shirt and I asked "N" to help and there's no need to get into it.  We were on the road I think by 8:20 and I still had to get gas too.  So I get him to school and I play basketball with the kids for a little while before "O" and I went to Kate's Cup, which was awesome!  It overall was a great day because of how "N" got dressed, "O" went to the child care area without a fight (because she threw it in the car on the way there).  We had a nice leisurely walk through Target and she ate half a bean and cheese burrito from Rubio's.  I figured she wasn't going to eat a fish taco and I don't like her eating just cheese quesadillas so it was all good.

We played at the park for over an hour, I really tried to get work done but it didn't happen so we went to "N's" school and it was a lot of fun since I was able to listen to six or so kids read to me.  I could have listened to more but some kids had to read me the stories twice.  I let them play for another 45 minutes came home, they had their "quiet time", a snack then a big dinner, we even played Yahtzee for a while before showering.  Overall it was a good night and I wished that it would have carried over to today.  I have been so worn out that today I didn't even get out of bed until 7:30 and the kids decided that they didn't want to get dressed either so it was 8am when we used to leave for school and they are just sitting down to eat.  Anyway "N's" in school and I'm multi-tasking today with laundry, drinking coffee, vacuuming and mopping.  I'm really hoping to have my garage back before Sunday, I'm going to have "The Hubby" help go through boxes and we are slowly throwing stuff away, I think I might take the truck and load it up for the dump.  I don't think I can get rid of everything before April so I have to get it done now.

At least today is Friday and the weekend begins, last night was crazy because "The Hubby" didn't get home until 8pm.  This really is crazy him having to work from the office like that.  I really hope either he's able to work a few days from here or something.

I really couldn't believe the stuff that was on clearance at Target yesterday though.  There were dress up outfits for $3.00,  nail polish for $.67 (Revlon), workbooks for $1.00.  I think the most expensive thing I bought was the dress up thing for $3.47 then the Tide on the go pen for $2.47.  I'm getting this get more spend less thing.  It's going to be hard this summer because both kids out grew their shorts and shirts and I need new capris since I lost so much weight.

One thing before I get going on laundry, I made a vegetarian burrito casserole the other night and it was weird because "N" had three helpings of it that night, had it for lunch yesterday and after eating all his pizza he still had more.   That boy is crazy for that casserole,I won't make it again for a little while but thank you allrecipies!!!  I swear that's the best site, next to mine of course.

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