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Clean, clean clean.

Posted Jan 07 2009 4:32pm

I have been trying to get the house put back together from Christmas and I have gone pretty much a natural cleaners.  I use a vinegar and water mixture to clean the counters, bathrooms and shower stalls.  I have used CLR and all those things to try and get that nasty build up off and all it took was some elbow grease and the vinegar and water.  I use the Green Works cleaner">Green Works cleaner'>Green works bowl cleaner and Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush and Toilet Gel">Toilet Gel'>Cleaning Gel .  Yeah not everything is natural but most of it is.  So now I have this way of cleaning, I use my vacuum stick to do the floors then I use hot water and vinegar to mop my floor.  It ends up taking me a full day to be able to clean from the top to bottom.  I need to clean the bathrooms today and also laundry. 

There's really no purpose to this post today other than to just I guess talk.  I'm nervous about the Midnight Madness tonight and my girlfriend is spending the night tonight and I still have a lot of things to do and just really need to motivate myself to get things done.  At least it should be easy for her (sort of) because she'll be getting here as the kids are going to bed.  I have been trying to get work done today and it's been very difficult since the kids have it in their heads that I need to be with them at all times.  I tried to make them play outside by themselves but that only lasted all of five minutes before they were screaming at each other or something petty.  Oh well, the life of a mom with two kids under six.  They are bored out of their minds and I feel bad because every time I have tried to set up a play date it's fallen through or we know more girls than boys.  The girls are too mean when they play with him and I'm trying to find more boys for him to play with.

Not much is really going on since it's the holiday and "The Hubby's" at work until 3pm. It'll be hectic later tonight after he gets home since I have to plan a light meal for us tonight since we'll be having chili after the race.  I should get going because I have to finish laundry, clean bathrooms, and the upstairs before "The Hubby" gets home in three hours.

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