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‘Clashed’ Clothes!

Posted Oct 03 2009 10:00pm

Last week, Aiyu, Piggy and I talked about ‘clashing’ of clothes, i.e. someone else wearing the same that you are wearing.

Piggy seem to be bothered badly on this, and quite particular about it.

At that point, I wasn’t really concerned, coz… IT HAD NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE. And, I thought, if it happened to me, as long as I wear it prettier than the other one, then okay lah.

But, but, but…

The fact is, I am not young any more. And I am not slim. I have a big tummy (result of pregnancy and lack of work-out).


On Thursday, 1 Oct, my first day reporting to work… While touring the office, I bumped right into a young girl, wearing exactly the same like me. And she is prettier too!

I was like… understood on the same spot, how Piggy feels. I felt sorry that I was not able to empathize with her earlier.

I felt like I wanted to change my clothes immediately, and became very self conscious.

That piece of clothe, will be ‘frozen’ forever.

It never happened to be before. I don’t know why. Maybe I don’t meet many people in the previous job, not even internal/colleagues.

How would you handle this, if it happens to you? Huh?

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